Transcend DrivePro 200 Dash Cam Box

The transcend DrivePro 2 hundred is an cheap WiFi capable dashboard camera bought by means of go beyond, the widely known Taiwanese reminiscence card manufacturer (a 16GB Micro SD card is blanketed with the device). at the same time as this might be branded as a go beyond camera, transcend is in all likelihood now not the producer of this product. Its squarish shape is pretty similar to many other “Taiwanese” dash cams just like the HP F210.

The digital camera facts 1080p at 30 frames according to 2nd and has a piece rate of 15 Mbps. The force pro two hundred has very good video wiwireless throughout the day and appropriate video exceptional at night.

The digital camera comes with a G-sensor and a pair of.four″ screen however no GPS. typical build wi-first-rate is pretty precise as well. that is a medium sized camera at 67mm × 72mm × 34.3mm but the squarish shape thing isn’t the most discreet. also there may be a shiny silver ring around the lens which makes the digicam extra considerable while established.

the primary feature is the c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a capability this digicam gives which allows for stay streaming, transferring of video wi-fileswireless and conwi-figuring the tool.

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we are massive enthusiasts of WiFi capability due to the following reasons:

Recordings may be considered on a smartphone (Android cellphone or iPhone), inside the car or maybe nearby
Can backup any thrilling video wi-fidocuments to a cellphone (i.e. in case you need to offer the Micro SD card to the police, you may have a backup)
ought to delete any video wiwireless from the digital camera using a telephone
Can conwi-figure any placing for the digicam using a telephone

We recommend the usage of 1 minute clip size for this digicam in case you plan on using the WiFi function to switch pick clips to your telephone. A 1 minute clip is about 300MB and could take a few minutes to transfer for your phone.
known problems
Date and Time Resets

Many owners have indicated that the date and time resets if the digital camera isn’t used for some days and you will need to enter the setup system again. go beyond indicates the date and time settings are maintained for approximately four days without outside strength.

that is likely due to a low capability terriwiwireless capacitor used on this digicam. there is no resolution except you are willing to replace the capacitor with a bigger one.

Does not start recording

some owners have indicated that the DrivePro 200 on occasion does now not start recording when the ignition is turned on. you’ll want to manually press the on button in these cases. This seems to be an extraordinary hassle and there may be no acknowledged resolution.
Mounting the digicam

transcend DrivePro 2 hundred Mount 1
pattern videoswireless


night time

Must I purchase?

in case you are searching out a WiFi enabled dash cam, the transcend DrivePro 200 is a good price. Video nice is right (but no longer the wiwireless) and construct wi-first-class is good. alas the form aspect isn’t always as discreet as we would love and GPS is not covered.

For the cash this is a great buy if you want WiFi. If WiFi is not crucial, remember a smaller, extra discreet camera.
in which to buy for lowest price

The go beyond DrivePro 200 sells for about $one hundred twenty on Amazon and eBay.

if you are looking for a suction mount, that is to be had one at a time on kingdom right here and right here.


caution! MAKING wi-fi on your FIRMWARE ARE completed AT YOUR personal risk. WE are not answerable for ANY damage on your sprint CAM because of those commands.
Firmware update instructions

through MicroSD

After downloading wirelessrmware, unzip it and then put “DP200.bin” within the root folder in microSD memory card.
Insert the microSD reminiscence card that includes a more recent version of wirelessrmware.
select upgrade Firmware from the “Settings” menu and press “adequate” to start the wi-firmware detection technique. The DrivePro will robotically discover the brand new wi-firmware wireless.
pick upgrade wi-firmware and look ahead to wirelessrmware to improve.

via WiFi

connect the digital camera to a electricity source. either connect the digicam to your vehicle 12v socket or even simply through a micro USB to USB cable connection to a laptop.
make sure the WiFi adapter at the digital camera is became on.
make sure the contemporary version of the drive pro app is mounted on your iPhone/iPad/Android phone or tablet.
go into your wiwireless settings for your mobile tool and connect to the DrivePro wiwi-fi community.
Open the app and you must then be brought about to replace the wirelessrmware.
undergo the prompts and ensure the tool is not disconnected in the course of the procedure.
After a minute or so, a message will appear to kingdom the update is entire.

present day Firmware

The brand new wirelessrmware may be discovered at the transcend website.
preceding Firmware

consumer manual

The English consumer manual may be downloaded here.